It's a numbers game

Unlike traditional insurance where an event may or may not happen, staff absence will definitely occur at some point to some degree. The question is whether you have the correct methodology in place to deal with the variability in the optimal manner. With other forms of insurance and mutual schemes you generally get a handful of winners but a large number of significant losers, and that could be you! With MiniMAX that's a thing of the past as our Equaliser tool means you either win or lose just a little. We concentrate on the two things that make a big difference, keeping overheads to a minimum and ensuring that contribution levels accurately reflect the risk across the board. Here are the reasons Esphera's MiniMAX will give you the ability to achieve protection and best value.


Esphera has 30+ years of knowledge in analysing data, applying statistical algorithms, optimising and automating mutuals. We have worked with local authorities from large county councils to small metropolitan councils and helped 1000's of schools receive better service for less outlay. Our unique insight into successful and poor schemes gives us the ideal springboard to provide the optimal scheme by including the good and excluding the bad.


A fully transparent online dashboard enables you to easily see the current status of your involvement with the scheme and the overall situation of the fund which will demonstrate that best value is constantly adhered to. We provide annual reports to show exactly who has contributed to and received funds from the scheme. As members, you will have a say in how the scheme changes and operates over time.


Esphera has been providing the infrastructure for mutual schemes to help schools in metropolitan, unitary and county councils since 2003. Schemes which follow our recommended methodology have increased efficiency and the high level of buy-in validates the effectiveness of getting better service for the lowest outlay.

Always in Control

Stay informed and reassured with the Members Key Metric Dashboard