The Prudent Alternative to Staff Absence Insurance
Taking the Pain out of Staff Absence Cost Mitigation
Minimise your Costs - Maximise your Choice
Minimise your Costs - Maximise your Choice
We've put all the pieces together

Exactly What Schools Asked For
It's now Black or White - no more Greys
Take a Chance or Play Safe with MiniMax Mutual
No matter what scenario unfolds the MiniMAX Mutual will ensure you suffer the least impact. With just 10% covering management costs the overall scheme efficiency will be 90%, with your return on spend approaching this or greater over the long-term. Your overall net costs (not misleading upfront premiums or contributions) are kept to an absolute minimum.
A fixed 10% management fee means that 90% of contributions end up back with schools. Due to our Equaliser algorithm, we also guarantee that no school will lose out more than any other and will not over subsidise others. No other scheme offers better combined efficiency than this.
Simple and fully featured online quotations give you a wide choice of cover options - nothing included that you don't need and everything available that you might. The payment request process is straightforward and automated to simplify your actions when you have absences. Plus, you can instantly check out the current status of both your membership and the scheme as a whole - nothing is hidden.


We minimise scheme costs and overheads to maximise the return to schools. We minimise your risk and maximise your choice. Ultimately we minimise your maximum potential loss and maximise the minimum efficiency for all members.

Insurance Overheads %


Insurance Efficiency %


Other Mutual Overheads %


Other Mutual Efficiency %


MiniMAX Mutual Overheads %


MiniMAX Mutual Efficiency %


No matter whether you are a school, academy, pupil referral unit, college or another educational establishment MiniMAX Mutual offers you exactly what you need. No more deliberating about what to do, wondering which option safeguards your finances in the best way. Only 2 things matter, firstly that you are covered to the degree you require when you have absences and secondly that your costs are minimised - MiniMAX Mutual gives you both simply without any fuss.


•Choice of Daily Benefit
•Choice of Waiting Days
•90% average Return on Contributions
•Same day Repayments
•Full Transparency
•Your Feedback, Involvement and Input


•Stress Benefit
•Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Leave Benefit
•24/7 GP Consultations - cut time off waiting for GP appointments
•ProActive Absence Management Counselling Service - get your staff back to work as soon as possible


•Unnecessary Caveats & Exclusions
•Delays and Inefficiency

MiniMAX keeps more money in education and ensures equal treatment for all

Esphera have revolutionised the way we tackle staff absence management for our schools. Their input and knowledge is invaluable, the support is fantastic and they have delivered lower costs and improved service for the majority of our schools. It is difficult to see why we would now ever consider anything else to provide us with the best possible value. We recommend that all schools join the mutual to keep more of their money.
Joanne Bloggs

Joanne Bloggs

Insurance and Risk Manager - County Council

Esphera have been doing this for a long time now and know the way to put a mutual scheme together. MiniMAX is the answer to our constant annual battle to keep down staff absence costs and pay for just what we need. We have never truly been happy with any insurance and this scheme gives us the reassurance that we are adequately covered and that we will not lose too much money whatever happens, our costs have been minimised.
Mr Joe Bloggs

Mr Joe Bloggs

Bursar - Happyfields Primary School